Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to yoga. Where do I start?

Level 1, Restorative or our Yoga 101 series are most likely the best class for beginners, but if you have questions please contact our Yoga Advisor at


What do I wear?

Wear something comfortable and flexible. Shirts should be snug enough to not fall if you bend over, yet not constricting.


Do I need a mat?

Yes, you will need a yoga mat and probably a towel. Mats and props are available at no cost at the studio.


Should I bring water?

You should hydrate before and after class. Water is available at the studio.  


How often should I practice?

As with anything you do, the more you practice the better the results are. 2-3 times a week will bring changes over time, 4-6 times per week will bring you life changing results. “Continuity of practice is the secret to success.”