Reiki Healing Circle - Suggested Donation $15

This class is taught by:

Steve Anderson

Reiki Master/Teacher & Ceremonialist Steve Anderson is a seeker of all that nurtures wellness and fosters unity. His love and passion for travel is fueled by his fascination of the human experience, the diversity of cultural expression and the multitude of ways each society provides for it’s common fundimental needs. It has brought him down a unique path immersed with dozens indigenous societies native to not just North & South America but reaching deep into the pacific rim of fire. A solid foundation of personal recovery throughout his adult life has taught him that Service to others is the key to his happiness as it is verb of Love & Love heals all wounds. Recognizing his recovery and the spirit of service in his approach, his mentors/teachers have opened otherwise closed doors to their ways and they’ve trained Steve directly for over ten years as he lived and worked along side them & their people. Gifting him permission to offer certain ceremonies and the healing benefits of Shamanic practices they have taught him over time. Reiki came into his life this way and it is the foundation that supports the all of the healing skills he offers to his students & clients. Steve was attuned as a Reiki practitioner Level I&II in Hawaii and Oregon in 2005 under the Dianne Stein lineage. Over the next two years he studied and practice to complete his training and became a Reiki master so he could pass this beautiful gift on to others. In 2012 he was asked to teach Reiki in Holland. To broaden his credentials as a teacher, he studied and was attuned again to all three levels by his second teacher under the original Usui liniege. Tho the two approaches have their variations, he found that the essence of both doesn’t differ at all as Love is at the core of both and is the foundation of his practice. Through his Reiki training classes and Reiki sessions he helps others realize how vital their active participation is to their own wellness, healing & to find lasting balance in their lives. Through use of the Shamanic the tools he’s been gifted, he assist people in healing from traumas from their past and helps them open channels to receive information they may need in order to move forward from practices and habits they may be stuck from events of their past. For more information regarding private Reiki or Shamanic sessions, Ceremonies or the Spiritual journeys he offers to Peru, please visit

Karen Meyer

Karen has been described by many as a “natural born teacher”. She began her professional life as a Special Education Teacher at an early age, and continues her learning today, both as a teacher and student.

Endowing her yoga classes with the same individual attention as she did in her former years of teaching , Karen’s personal commitment is to bring out the Beauty, Heart, and Spirit in every student. She makes yoga user-friendly—with her, playfulness, purity of heart, and a lightness and simplicity deeply rooted in her extensive study of Yoga as a Living Practice of Energy Movement through the Chakra System.
In addition to Karen’s eternal quest of accessing yoga as an integrative Mind/Body/Spiritual Practice, through her formal training in Hatha and Raja Yoga with the Himalayan Institute; she is also trained in Thai Yoga Massage, Sound Healing, and Aromatherapy. She is a Polarity Practioner, a Reiki Master and an Interfaith Minister. These incorporated modalities have instilled Karen with the wisdom and grace to help her students reap the joys of living yoga on and off the mat.
Her classes are designed for students to define, refine, and align their postures--with freedom, wonderment, and a dedication to their personal growth and celebration of life.
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Reiki is an ancient healing therapy that restores balance in the Spirit, the mind and the body. It’s benefits reach well beyond the immediate circumstances of our day to day lives to assist us in experiencing life more fully connected to source & grounded in wellness. Reiki lowers blood pressure & slows the heart rate while diminishing stress and anxiety levels.