About Us

One Ocean Yoga offers the Hampton’s most memorable setting for your yoga practice.


We are a refuge hidden beyond an expanse of lush vineyards and overlooking a vast garden of playful sculpture. Our Tent Studio, an outdoor venue, is open to the vibrancy of fresh air and the pulsations of nature while protected from the harsher elements.
Students of Life and all levels enjoy our selection of offerings; Group and Private Yoga classes, Meditation sessions, Kirtan, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Concerts, Workshops, Special Events.


Exploring, understanding and creating with what’s inside expands your connection to and enjoyment of what’s all around!

My intent is that One Ocean Yoga offers experiences where guests will be encouraged and invited to remember their highest nature... At all levels… in the body, in the breath, in the mind and the heart and in their intrinsic connection with all things... And that we co-create, support and maintain an artful refuge to explore and expand that remembrance. 

John Seelye - Director



 Channing Daughter's Vineyard
 & The Sculpture Garden

One Ocean Yoga, Isabella Channing and The Shack Yoga (her yoga studio in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay), The Channing Daughter's Winery the Channing family welcome you to this beautiful refuge immersed within the beauty, peace and prana of the vineyards at the Channing Daughter's Winery and the expansive fields of playful sculpture by Walter Channing.