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This class is taught by:

Kelly Bragger

Kelly Bragger has been practicing and teaching yoga for a combination of 12 years. She has studied with various teachers including Thom and Beryl Bender Birch, Molly Fox and John Friend. She is certified by Om Yoga Center, directed by Cyndi Lee and is currently working on her second certification in Anusara Yoga with John Friend, whom she credits for much of her transformation, both in her yoga practice and in life as well. She is an ace certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She is also a licensed massage therapist, in practicing for 17 years, and is known for blending her nurturing aspects of bodywork with her yoga teaching. She also practices Reiki levels I & II, reflexology, Thai yoga massage and yoga therapeutics. She currently teaches at various studios in New York City and The Hamptons as well as maintaining a private practice.

John Seelye

John Seelye is a senior yoga instructor with over 25 years of teaching experience who is well versed in the all levels of yoga practice, the healing arts of yoga therapeutics and support of the subtle energy bio fields through the use of Pranic Healing and Reiki.

John is a certified Anusara® Yoga instructor, a graduate of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy program, Pranic Healing Level III, Reiki Level II and Yoga Therapy programs. His meditation practice dates back more than 25 years. A lifelong interest in human potential continues to fuel his journey.

He has been teaching private sessions, group classes, and leading retreats and teacher trainings in New York City and the Hamptons for over 25 years. He founded One Ocean Yoga 12 years ago, that today operates every summer in a tent-studio and indoors every winter on the grounds of Channing Daughters Winery. John teaches private sessions by appointment in the Hamptons and NYC and offers workshops in various studios in the northeastern US.

In addition to teaching yoga, John is on the Board of Directors of the  Anusara® School of Hatha Yoga as board President.  He is qualified as a Master Trainer for future Urban Zen Integrative Therapists. He also sponsors and produces yoga related events through One Ocean Yoga throughout the year, including concerts with Krishna Das, Wah, The Hanumen, David Stringer, and has sponsored benefits for Urban Zen and Bent on Learning, The Nature Conservancy.

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Anusara Yoga:

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Pranic Healing: www.PranicHealingUSA.

Emily W Weitz

Emily Weitz McLean has been teaching yoga in the Hamptons and NYC since she received her certification in 2008. Trained in the Anusara style by senior teachers Elena Brower, Lois Nesbitt, and Ellen Saltonstall, Emily also draws influence from her time living in Bangkok, Thailand, and studying eastern philosophy. Her gentle nature infuses each class, so that there's a sense of ease and softness even in the most challenging poses. Her precise alignment instructions are designed to prevent injury and keep practitioners safe as their practice advances. Learn more at her web site,
Emily believes that yoga is a tool to access the truth within, to remain grounded in the moment, and to breathe through the tight spots in life. Educated in the Anusara style, Emily combines themes like joy, grounding and centering with precise alignment instructions to help students bring the strength of their practice to their everyday lives. Learn more about her at Contact: Emily Weitz 631-278-0037

Gina Diao

Inspired by the Anusara tradition and grateful to her many teachers, Gina takes an integrative approach to her teaching style, strongly focused on mindfullness, foundation, and breath. Her approach can be summarized by the teachings of her mentor, author and Shaman Don Miguel Ruiz.. Always speak your truth... Always do your best... Dont make Assumptions.... and Don't Take anything Personally.... Namaste

Gina began her practice of yoga after suffering debilitating back pain following years of competitive sport. She discovered yoga while living in Hong Kong 12 years go, when Pure Yoga opened its first studio there in 2002. She was inspired there by her teachers Patrick Creelman, who first introduced her to the Anusara style, and subsequently Stephen Thomas, with whom she completed her teacher training in Koh Samui , Thailand, and who unveiled for her the spiritual and meditative aspect of yoga and with whom she has deepened her practice of pranayama, chant and meditation. Gina has further studied with Rodney Yee and Coleen Saidman, among others, to complete the Urban Zen 500 hour level training in 2009. Having completed advanced studies in the Anusara tradition with John Friend, John Seelye, Ross Rayburn and Louis Nesbitt, she maintains a deep respect for the principles of those teachings. Gina is also a level 2 Reiki practitioner and Healer, and is certified "Body Talk"  practitioner and uses the healing properties of  essential oils in both her yoga classes and integrative therapy.

Isabella Channing

Isabella, the owner and primary teacher of The Shack Yoga, a yoga studio in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay, is a certified Jivamukti Yoga instructor. She began teaching in 2003 in Uruguay, South America where she was originally trained in the Sivananda Yoga method. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Health & Wellness Coach and has extensive training in Ashtanga and Anusara methods of yoga. She currently teaches private and group classes in NYC, the Hamptons, and Uruguay. She has partnered with John Seelye to host One Ocean Yoga on her family’s vineyard in Bridgehampton, NY.

Elizabeth Rossa

Elizabeth Rossa is the founder/director of SHRIYOGA, once upon a time known as the much celebrated studio voted “Best Next Generation of Yoga” by New York Magazine and now known as the petit underground laboratory of genuine yoga, meditation and Self-Inquiry practices.

Originally certified to teach hatha yoga almost 12 years ago by notable master teachers, Erich Schiffman and Max Strom, Elizabeth remains as dedicated to her on-going studies as she is to teaching. Her principal teachers are the incomparable meditation and tantric philosophy master, Sally Kempton and the wildly brilliant yoga master Richard Freeman. Elizabeth credits Sally Kempton as her primary influence and mentor of the last 8 years, and honors Sally’s teachings, along with Richard Freeman’s, as the foundation of what she offers in her classes. She respectfully acknowledges each of them for giving her the model of what it means to teach with the highest of integrity in the modern spiritual world.

Elizabeth’s credentials also include certification in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Reiki Mastership through Wendy Miner of Memorial Sloane-Kettering’s Integrative Medicine Center, and extensive experience in silent retreat and Self-inquiry with Adyashanti.

As a contemporary teacher of yoga, meditation and Self-inquiry practices, Elizabeth holds space for clarity and freedom. She offers a fresh perspective which allows the ancient and esoteric to become modern and real. Students are encouraged to cultivate curiosity as they pause and breathe, deeply listening for the internal cues of Life. Primarily committed to Shriyoga’s NYC laboratory classes, Elizabeth also teaches retreats and workshops worldwide, is on faculty of the Open Center in NYC and is a guest presenter at Kripalu.

With immense gratitude she bows to Ram Dass as the teacher who opened the gates to an ever-unfolding devotional love. His teachings of his direct experience with Neem Karoli Baba intimately shifted Elizabeth’s perspective on what it is “to be here now” and more immediately, to be “still here.”

Monica Kadash

Monica - Yogini with an accent! Monica grew up in a small town in Switzerland where she started practicing hatha yoga at the age of 14, over 30 years ago. Hatha yoga, along with chanting and meditation have been the pillars of her life, allowing her to experience happiness and freedom from within. She completed her teacher training in the Anusara style and philosophy, and holds a certificate at the 200 hour level. Monica has been teaching for eight years; she is known as an inspirational teacher who’s main focus is alignment, breath and the language of the heart. While teaching a well rounded class, she has the ability and gift to take her students to a place of deep stillness within. Monica is also a professional Doula, certified by DONA International, who serves and educates women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, making this most defining time truly remarkable. Pre Natal Yoga is one of her specialties! To learn more, visit

Katherine Shapiro

I have taught private and group classes in The Hamptons and NYC for over 15 years.  
My classes are challenging and creative, with playful exploration and deconstruction of poses, intelligent alignment, sequencing and mindful flow. I call them "sweaty and sweet". 
I have a BFA in Dance, 500hr ISHTA training, YogaWorks Bridge and YogaShanti Advanced training. I am registered with Yoga Alliance as a E-RYT 500 and YACAP (continuing ed. provider).
I am grateful to John Seelye for his support and teachings and the community at One Ocean Yoga.
I also currently teach at YogaShanti, YogaWorks, Hospital for Special Surgery's Public and Patient education Division and as part of NYU's Wellness for WIN.
My desire for mindful and compassionate living in a chaotic world brought me to the practice of yoga which I continually endeavor to integrate into every aspect of my life.

Bruce Bailey

Bruce started practicing yoga at the age of 15 to optimize his body and mind for surfing and to heal from injuries when he pushed himself too far. His first certification was in 2006, Warrior Yoga, a power yoga that blends the principles of martial arts and yoga into a complete healing arts discipline. Bruce then travelled the path of Kundalini, the yoga of awareness, and Naam Yoga, the yoga of sound. Shakti Naam, Bruce's latest certification, is known as the yoga of immortality to those who practice it in the east, but is mostly unknown to the western world. "The practice of Shakti Naam can grant access to an endless energy supply that has the potential to revitalize the blood, reduce stress, increase strength, balance the hormonal and nervous systems, fortify the heart and increase one's lifespan." His teaching will challenge the body, tune the mind, and allow the spirit to integrate the benefits of this unique practice with the sacred sound of the gong in final relaxation.
Please visit my website

Charity Robinson

Charity Joy Robinson
After travelling and teaching movement across the globe Charity Joy Robinson has found herself residing in The Hamptons of New York recently.
She spent 3.5 years creating and facilitating a health and wellness program in the island of Mustique of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, consisting of yoga, core fit, dance fitness, paddleboard yoga and natural fitness training sessions.
Charity has been practicing yoga for over 18 years and teaching yoga and dance for 10 years. Charity has had many teachers over the years including Sean Corn, Shiva Rea. Dharma Mittra, Rich Logan, and she has found the best teacher to be the practice. She is a Thai Yoga massage practitioner after studying in Thailand over 8 years ago and continues to go back every few years to deepen her studies.
Charity has also dove deep in to energy healing and is a certified Reiki Master as well as an Access consciousness bars practitioner.
Charity Joy has a very positive outlook on life and it plays out in her teachings as playful yet challenging through an upbeat vinyasa flow style session accompanied with reggae, and global music. She encourages you and your body to try something new with a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart.
She teaches private and group sessions to adults and children in New York city, and the Hamptons and continues to travel to the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia upon request.

Sylvia Channing

A native of the east end, and a Channing Daughter, I have completed over 500 hours of teacher training with Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee. I like to sequence dynamic alignment into a flow class that focuses the mind and ignites heat in the body. I want my students to enjoy the most challenging postures and leave feeling relaxed, clear and even. When I'm not on my mat (or your mat), I'm probably in a garden drawing lots of earthly inspiration for my asana practice.

Jenna Walter

Jenna discovered yoga at seventeen and it propelled her on a journey to discover her souls destiny. Native American rituals, women???s healing circles, co-counseling and shamanic studies in the Incan tradition have all influenced her teaching style. She has also studied other healing modalities that complement her yoga, including Shiatsu massage at the Ohashi Institute, herbology with Arcus Flynn, nutrition and quantum energy studies with Karen Panish and Siddha Yoga chanting and meditation. She has also completed 300 hours of training in Peruvian Shamanism with Alberto Villoldo???s , The Four Winds Society.

Jenna is now leading workshops and retreats around the globe bringing her love of service to another level through her Dream Weaver Yoga and Shamanic Healing ~*~ 8 THREADS OF LIGHT INTENSIVES . These are transformational teachings for the era of enLIGHTenment.

Jump start your day with a One Hour open level class. Challenging Vinyasa or flowing series of poses, experience suggested. It is recommended but not required that you attend Basic or Level 1-2 classes before attending Open classes.